My Introduction to Minimalism

Over this past winter break I watched the film Minimalism on Netflix. Having an artistic background I was curious about the elements of this style, so I did some research to explore what minimalism might look like for me.

I perused a couple cites and found some good articles, but I liked Pinterest’s platform for my purposes. I was interested by the spacious quality of minimalist spaces, but also wanted to maintain a homey look. I created a board on Pinterest called “Minimalist Décor” where I gathered the photos I liked to understand how I would balance these two interests.

To apply minimalism to my own life, I focused on my room and particularly three keepsake boxes I had maintained since my childhood. Many items in the boxes were still in good condition and usable, but I no longer had any use for them. I ended up only keeping a few items which still carried significance, but I realized that most keepsakes I treasured were already on display in my room.

The items I kept found homes on different shelves where I can appreciate them, and the boxes moved out to the garage. This process reminded me that objects are living. Marie Kondo talks about this in her books on tidying. If you don’t use an object, interact with it in some way, it fades, and grows old. This was certainly true for my keepsakes in those boxes.

Over the years I spent a lot of time going through those boxes. It had become part of my routine. I would downsize, but maintain this hideaway system. Getting rid of those boxes, I felt lighter. I gained space and time.


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